Post-Thanksgiving Funk

It’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Your Black Friday bruises and the memory of your drunk uncle’s pre-dinner blessing are finally starting to fade. There’s no freakin’ way you can eat a 13th turkey-and-stuffing sandwich.

Isn’t it time to claw your way outta that tryptophan haze and get a heaping helping of some tasty grooves?

Well, The Honeyslides are here to help.

We’re busting out a full night of soul, rock and funk (the good kind) to yank you outta your post-holiday funk (the not-so-good kind).

McRaney’s (as always) is busting out a staggering selection of excellent beers, smiling faces, dance floor space, and ample free parking.

RSVP on Facebook and get thankful with us! (Because it’s probably at least three weeks before you have to see your drunk uncle again.)

McRaney’s Tavern
1566 W. Fairbanks Ave, Winter Park (map)
Saturday, November 26

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